Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Embarking on your Only Fans journey? Duval's here to clarify the essentials. Dive into our FAQs and get the insights you need.

Have a question not shown? Please contact us.

Our pricing is based on a % of revenue. The rate depends on the size of your account. Please contact us for a proposal on your account.

After submitting your application, give our team a day or two to get back to you and give you an answer. We might ask follow-up questions and schedule a discovery call with to discuss our potential partenrship.

The discovery call is a great call to schedule with our team to ask any questions, meet an account manager, and help our team understand your account in more depth before drafting a proposal for you.

All content rights stay with you, we do not own any content provided to us. 

We focus on small to large accounts. We do not typically work with starter accounts unless it is backed by an existing large social media following. However, feel free to send your information to our team any way as our team may have recommendations or other resources for you if you are just beginning.

We focus mostly on TikTok, since currently it is the greatest social media platform for OnlyFans promotions regarding its large user base and possibility to scale fast and get results. However, we also operate with traffic from dating apps.

Absolutely. Please fill out the application, and our team will setup a call with you. If you want to reach out for other business reasons, please send a direct message on Instagram.

Depends. We are usually backlogged with creator requests to onboard, so it may be a few weeks before we can begin the onboarding process. Once we have fully onboarded your account, our team begins an account audit to dive deep into the numbers and data to establish a successful approach. You should usually see solid results in the first week.

Very occasionally. Our primary focus is onlyfans, however if you have a large concentration in another platform such as fansly, our team is able to implement the same management and growth strategies.

You will be expected to create at least 6 TikTok on a daily basis. We will tell you the details on discovery call, but since our strategy relies on TikTok, you will be expected to make TikToks on a daily basis. Additionally, you will need to create other content pieces for OnlyFans account, as well as custom content asked from your fans, taking in mind the limitations from your side on what content you are not willing to make.

We don’t use long term contracts, you can cancel anytime with 30 days notice.

You can check out the form to see what we require at the start to evaluate your current situation and design a marketing strategy based on the information you give us. Please be as specific as possible to ensure the best quality of our service.

Content creation is the primary responsibility. The Duval team operates the rest on your behalf.

The account manager will send you any custom requests from a fan. You can either chose to accept or decline.

You will have access to your account manager via Whatsapp, to whom you will be able to ask any questions regarding your OnlyFans.

Depending on your country, we can work with a number of different paymenet processors. We will create a custom financial structure of doing business for every creator.

If your application was rejected due to your account size but you still want to make a partnership with us, you can reach out to us and maybe we can reach a solution for your specific case.

The average creator we work with makes $20,000/month.

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